AMMEX Gloveworks Latex Powder Free Industrial Gloves 8 mil 1000/CS

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Size: S
Color: Ivory
Sale price$104.80 USD


If you wear gloves all day, you know strength and durability are important—but what matters most is how they feel on your hands. If they don’t fit, you aren’t going to commit. AMMEX® Gloveworks® HD Ivory Latex Powder Free Industrial Gloves are the heavy-duty, industrial-grade disposable glove that will win you over.

This premium glove is our best industrial latex. At 8 mil, it’s more than twice as thick as a standard disposable latex glove—yet it’s the most comfortable 8-mil glove you’ll ever wear. Latex conforms to the contour of your hand for a combination of fit and dexterity no other glove material can match. AMMEX Gloveworks HD Ivory Latex Powder Free Industrial Gloves are supple, yet tough enough for the toughest jobs. Latex offers better resistance to punctures than vinyl, as well as protection from numerous common and specialty chemicals. Each glove has a longer duration of use—you don’t have to change gloves as often. The micro-roughened texture provides a dependable grip.

The gloves are powder free to prevent messy residue that can get into paints, sealants, and adhesives, yet they’re still easy to get on and off thanks to their double chlorinated coating. AMMEX Gloveworks HD Ivory Latex Powder Free Industrial Gloves are sold 100 gloves per box, 10 boxes per case, and available in an extended size range from small to XXL.

They’re popular for automotive, janitorial, and industrial applications such as paint shops and printing operations, and they’re made from component materials that comply with FDA regulations for food contact. Home uses abound, from painting to cleaning to repairs.

If you need a premium glove that’s going to protect you all day while going easy on your hands, AMMEX Gloveworks HD Ivory Latex Powder Free Industrial Gloves are your perfect match.


Product Code ILHD
Color Ivory


Material Latex
Powder Content Powder Free
Thickness (Palm) 8 mil


Pattern Textured
Finish Double Chlorinated


Weight 18.5 lbs.
Length 20.08 in
Width 18.5 in
Height 9.72 in

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